Thursday, January 19, 2012

Loop See Do

I have a brand new product to introduce to you and I know some of you are absolutely going to love it! At first I didn't get the LaLa Loopsy craze. I still don't get it in it's entirety but that's because my child is 3 and most of her playmates are boys. She has not yet been introduced to the idea of having to have the "coolest" doll. That being said I couldn't resist buying her one. She has started to notice commercials and every time the commercial would come on she would say "I NEEEEEED that dolly Mommy!" I better learn to resist that soon! So I am standing in the aisle at Target looking at all these dolls... Being that we have a brand new baby at home I didn't think a doll as hard as a rock was a smart idea to bring into the house so I almost left. Then I saw the "soft" La La Loopsy dolls. Yeah they aren't the "real" ones but she didn't know any different and LOVES her Ya Ya Yoopsy! It was so sweet she even gave the pet lamb to her baby sister! Cutie Fruity just released "Loop See Do" dedicated to all things La La Loopsy. How cute and realistic are the dolls in this kit? It even has the pets. Here are two layouts I did using "Loop See Do"

Go pick it up HERE at Stuff to Scrap!

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