Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Charm

I am a guest CT for B2N2 Scraps this month. I have been following her work since I first started digi-scrapping and am so excited to get to work with her team this month! She has a new release today called "Winter Charm" that is well ...charming! You can pick it up at Stuff to Scrap http://stufftoscrap.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15_141&products_id=6615&zenid=23bd077ca3a5063e5b4a66b6611f15d3
or Brownie Scraps.
for 30% off for a week!
I love the fun colors and adorable elements. The blues and pinks inspired me to pull out some old pictures and get scrapping right away. I have plans to scrap several more pages with "Winter Charm" but for now here are the two pages I completed last night!
Also she has an awesome retirement sale going on at Stuff to Scrap and Brownie Scraps. I rushed over and picked up the 2 kits I didn't already have for 70% off!!! Some of my favorites were already in the sale! Don't miss out! If you don't already have a ton of them like I did you can take advantage of an awesome special and for just $10 you can buy all of her retiring products! What a great deal!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Family Love

Are you friends with Amy's Designs on FB yet? You should be because there is a great Fan Exclusive if you are! You can get her kit "Family Love" for free! Just go to her page HERE, click on Like and then go to the "Exclusive" tab! I haven't gotten to work with the kit yet because I joined her CT after it came out but plan to in the near future! I wanted to let you know though since it will only be there until the end of the month!

Football Word Art

I recently had the opportunity to Guest CT for one of my favorite designers- Memories by Digital Design! I love everything Tammy makes but most of all I love that she does it all on SBC software. It's hard to find great templates that are compatible with SBC and Tammy was one of the first to do it!
I love her new word art packs "Football" and "For the Fans" Our family LOVES football yet I never get to scrap those layouts from before the kiddos. This gave me an awesome opportunity to get some scrapped. I love so many of these word arts that I have several more layouts planned but for now here are the two I've completed! Both layouts used Templates by Memories by Digital Design and the kit "Sizzling Hot" by AmyDane Designs.

Click the kit preview or HERE to go right to the SNP store and pick these up!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Loop See Do

I have a brand new product to introduce to you and I know some of you are absolutely going to love it! At first I didn't get the LaLa Loopsy craze. I still don't get it in it's entirety but that's because my child is 3 and most of her playmates are boys. She has not yet been introduced to the idea of having to have the "coolest" doll. That being said I couldn't resist buying her one. She has started to notice commercials and every time the commercial would come on she would say "I NEEEEEED that dolly Mommy!" I better learn to resist that soon! So I am standing in the aisle at Target looking at all these dolls... Being that we have a brand new baby at home I didn't think a doll as hard as a rock was a smart idea to bring into the house so I almost left. Then I saw the "soft" La La Loopsy dolls. Yeah they aren't the "real" ones but she didn't know any different and LOVES her Ya Ya Yoopsy! It was so sweet she even gave the pet lamb to her baby sister! Cutie Fruity just released "Loop See Do" dedicated to all things La La Loopsy. How cute and realistic are the dolls in this kit? It even has the pets. Here are two layouts I did using "Loop See Do"

Go pick it up HERE at Stuff to Scrap!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Top 11 Layouts of 2011

Over at Scraps-N-Pieces there is a fun forum thread going on about everyone's top layouts they made in 2011. So here are my favorite layouts of 2011 in no particular order!

1. I love these pictures from my maternity shoot. The big picture makes me tear up EVERY time I look at it. I love the moment my photographer caught... it shows how very much I love my girl! I love the blending, the frames, and the glitter! (Tiny Beating Hearts by Mommy Made This-formerly Rainmoon Scraps)

2. Kinsey's first Christmas... if that isn't sentimental enough the story of this layout is enough to warm the heart of any mom who has had a colicky baby! (Merry Christmas Little One by Just So Scrappy)

3. I love the big picture and soft colors... Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping newborn? (Perfect Moment by Crazy-4-Monograms)

4. Love these pictures of Ashlyn being a kid... it shows all the side of Ashlyn and I love the blended big picture! (By the Sea by Just So Scrappy)

5. This was such a wonderful day. Ashlyn was the best little flower girl in the world. I was so proud of her. I love the little touch of color and the big picture of her!

6. Haha! I had to include this Layout! I tried for hours and hours to get the spacing of this just like the one I was scraplifting and I couldn't figure it out. Hubby who HATES all the time I spend scrapping jumped in and with his mathematical brain was able to find all the problems and fix it! It was so fun to scrap with him!

7. I love all the different fonts on this layout. I love that I was able to capture her at that moment! (Emma by AmyDane Designs)

8. This was my first attempt at using a template. Wow has that changed my scrapping life!!! I love the words going around the circle and looking at her in her Christmas jammies looking so small melts my heart! (Merry Christmas Little One by Just So Scrappy)

9. I thought about this layout for a long time before it got made. I collected funny little "Ashlyn-isms" on scraps of paper... I love this age!

10. I love these pictures of them interacting. I love the shell scatters and the title. What a fun night! (Combing the Beach by Growing Pains Scrapped)

11. This is probably my all time favorite layout Ive made. It was my first attempt at blending and textures. I love her dress, the kit, the amazing evening we had... Just perfect! (Sweet Summer by Just So Scrappy)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All About Amy...

Amy's Designs that is!!!
First off... I am hosting my first speed scrap tonight sponsored by Amy's Designs! You will want to participate...
Not only is the layout adorable (Amy designed it so I'm not tooting my own horn) but you earn a $5 coupon to her store.
Are you trying to decide what to do with that $5??? Look no further than her newest release "Playground." I love he bright colors and the fun playground equipment ellies! Here are two layouts I did using "Playground."

Monday, January 2, 2012

SNP collab

I absolutely love this new collab at Scraps-N-Pieces! How great will this be to scrap the adorable valentines pics of the girls???