Monday, October 29, 2012

Bushels of Fun

Having recently moved to the midwest I am embracing all things fall.  One of our favorite fall activities (there are so many good ones) is apple picking.  Last fall I was determined to fit apple picking into the schedule before my due date with our second daughter. I had told my oldest we will get a pumpkin, go apple picking, and then her baby would come.  Those were more concrete examples than telling her the baby was due October 24th.  I was scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday the 19th of October so we knew time was running out and planned to go apple picking on our last available weekend.  Friday the 14th, even though I wasn't feeling great we drove a few hours north to the Wisconsin border.  As we started walking around the orchard I started feeling very crampy.  Since it was still 10-15 minutes apart we kept picking.  When we finished I decided that we should probably skip the rest of the activities and head home.  We also wanted to swing by and get our stroller while we were up north because the taxes would be cheaper.  The way we took was full of construction and we were down to one lane traffic.  I realized the cramps were really contractions and they were about 6 minutes apart.  As we got to the exit to get the stroller we realized they were about 2-3 minutes apart. I called the hospital who said come right in... that would have been fine if we were at home but we were still at least an hour away!  We vetoed stopping for the stroller and headed in.  Our sweet Kinsey Sloane was born that evening!  So apple picking is even more special now! 
A-Manda Creation has an awesome apple picking kit called "Bushels of Fun" that you can pick up in her store here
She also has another kit called Apple Picking if you need even more apple fun! 
It was so fun to take my apple baby apple picking this year!  Hard to believe she was almost 1!
I used Template Pack 19 from AK Designs for this layout!
Look at this adorable outfit Kinsey got for her first birthday?  Can you tell Mommy works at an elementary school? How precious? I just had to take a ton of pictures!  This layout uses the October Template Challenge Template by Karen Diamond Designs that you can pick up here at SNP.  Hurry over you have a couple of days to enter this challenge!
I rarely use the same kit in the same book or at least with the same child but I love this kit so much I had to use it again! So fun!!!

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