Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let Me Count the Ways Busy Book and freebie

Do you have a little one that can’t stand sitting in a restaurant for the whole meal?  Have you ever had to drag a toddler or preschooler to a doctor’s appointment and then sat and waited in the waiting room for what felt like an eternity? 
Here is a great tool for you! The busy book.  I love to restock it with things my girls have never seen and the best part is it costs next to nothing!  You just need a three ring binder! I also put in a zippered pencil bag and include crayons, scissors and a glue stick.  Another trick is to keep some ziplock baggies tucked into the pocked to put trash in if you are brave and let them cut.  Here are some great resources for sites to print out pages to fill it!

Our favorite site is  but I spread the pages of their favorite characters throughout the book or they will do all of those first and be done with the book.  There are coloring pages and games like mazes and all of these printables are free!

 Another great site is  If you have a preschooler take this quiz to get customized games and printables to help get them ready for Kindergarten!   You can also print other printable pages for Nick Jr. characters here

I have included the file I used to make my cover page.  My 4 year old needs lots of encouragement to not quit and when I saw this amazing kit by Wendy I knew it was the perfect one for her book.  I love the quotes like this one on the cover “There is nothing on this earth that makes me happier than you!”  I want to also make some little encouraging dividers to put every few pages with more of the encouraging phrases just to reinforce that she is what makes me happy not cutting straight lines or coloring perfectly. 

Let Me Count the Ways is a gorgeous collab for scrapping a variety of layouts but my favorite part is definitely all of the encouraging phrases.  It is so versatile for boys and girls alike and comes with adorable fonts and ellies!  I hope you find time to make your own busy book and while you are at it run over and buy the kit so that you can scrap the pictures of your cutie “working hard” coloring their pages and doing their mazes!

Download the cover sheet for your busy book here

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