Saturday, April 20, 2013

Someday my prince will come....

Who doesn't love Snow White?  Well besides my oldest daughter which you'll see in my layout.  Because of her extreme shyness with the princesses (come on they are like the Brad Pitt of the preschool world), I borrowed pictures from her best friends mom because they go to Disney several times a year and Morgan will spend all day chatting up the princesses!  Mommy Made This and Memories by Digital Design have collab again and outdone themselves on this one!  The kit is absolutely adorable right? You can get it here at SNP.
It is complete with forest animals, a mirror on the wall, a few dwarves, an apple, and of course Snow White! 
The templates are just fantastic!  And this time there is a bonus template that was a freebie at SNP earlier this month!  Each template has 7 spots for the 7 dwarves! How cute? I love layouts with lots of picture spots and MbDD did these perfectly. They don't feel overwhelming at all!  What do you think?
 I was able to convert this to a two pic layout in a matter of seconds because like I said before there definitely wouldn't be 7 pics of my oldest with any princess and if they were it would be the aftermath of crying :o)
 And here are the pages of her best friend Morgan!  She loves Snow White. For this one I was able to quickly change it to 4 pictures.
But on this one I had to narrow down the pictures because she had so many! 

Here is that freebie template using Candy Coated Moments by AmyDane Designs! I just love the blocking on this one! 
Here is the preview of all of the templates. You can get them here at SNP!

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